Six Tips for Social Media Strategy Experts Give their Best way on how to Grow a​ Traffic

Social Media Strategy should be effective and affordable, and when done correctly, it can help social media for businesses of all size as well as helps you execute a successful marketing campaign. So there should be a social media presence in your day to day world that adds results to your business.  Six tips to define for watching Infograph.

Six Tips for Social Media Strategy Experts Give Their Best Way on how to Grow an Traffic

NetStripes will ensure that your social media strategy will engage your target audience effectively.

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Social Media For Business – How can a Retargeting Campaign Benefit Your Business?

Let’s say you have a site that people visit, whether it may be a Facebook – social media marketing Page or your own personal site and you have a specific product or service you want to sell.

Social Media For Business - How can a Re-targeting Campaign Benefit Your Business?

And people buy them. But not a lot, and clearly not enough to make your business profitable.

Then you check the analytics. There’s so many people looking at the site but only a handful of buyers?

It’s actually fairly simple. Imagine if you were running a store in the city.

So many people walk past your store but they don’t even take a second glance. That represents the total amount of people who scroll past your web page on a Google search engine optimisation Sydney.

Then you have the people who stop for a few seconds (maybe come in) and look at what you have to offer. These are window shoppers, and they represent the people who click on your website but don’t buy anything.

Finally, you have the people who come in and buy something. This (by no coincidence at all), represents the people who click on your website and end up buying your product/service.

Unfortunately in real life, once someone leaves after they’ve had a look at your store, they usually never come back.

But it’s different online. Thanks to some magic and common sense, business owners are able to do online what they couldn’t do in real life; retarget potential customers to bring them back.

And such a campaign is known as retargeting advertising. (Amaze)

You are able to keep track of the people who visit your site and retarget them with specific and strategic ads while they go about their daily social media for business on Facebook, YouTube or when they’re checking today’s news on or

Yes, your brand will be literally everywhere.

As a result, you will have much better chance to bring back those window shoppers to your website to finally make a decision to move forward with your business. According to research, by doing this retarget advertising, you can increase the chance of conversion by 147%. Say hello to your new revenue generation!

Check out on how you can start retargeting advertising for your business easily and very affordable in less than a week.

Why is it important to write a blog for your business website?

NetStripes is an online marketing company based in Sydney specialising in ecommerce web design, affordable web solutions and SEO in Australia.

If anyone is qualified to answer this question, it’s us.

At its heart, writing a blog is a way to show your customers that there is a person behind the business, that there is a voice behind its operations, and that they are dealing with a human, not a website.

As such, how the identity of the person behind the blog is shared and how he/she builds her voice is extremely important.

For me writing is about sharing stories with others. How well you are able to convey that story is reflective on how readers perceive it.

Having a blog for your business is a way to share your story, its vision and its journey. It’s something people will enjoy reading; not because its informative or contains industry secrets, but just because its relatable, funny and engaging.

Writing a blog is more than helping you make a brand and a reputation. It gives you an opportunity as a business owner to understand your clients, and engage with them on a personal level.

Producing content consistently is a way to keep your audience interested in what you do, and writing blogs is a great way to do just that.

But you have to be motivated, and your posts have to be interesting. They can’t be solely focused on selling your product, and your main directive must be to entertain and engage.

Make your posts funny, that’s what I like. I like memes, jokes and high-quality sarcasm, and I try to incorporate all of those into my writing so that people can laugh along while learning something new every day.

Writing a blog will open opportunities for you to develop your online strategy, as you will be able to integrate blog posts with social media engagement for your business. By writing blogs, you are continuously adding content to your business, which boosts your search engine marketing strategy.

Then, the phrase of today is: Don’t neglect your writing skills. Take some time every week to write some stuff. (On pen and paper, not computer)

If you ever have trouble writing a blog or constructing a website, feel free to contact NetStripes, who provide end-to-end digital solutions to help your small business innovate and grow.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Future Of Digital Marketing In 2017-2018

Do You Know ?  Why Social media marketing strategy is Future of digital marketing in 2017-2018-2019-2020…………………………..?


The trajectory of evolution of social media strategy has not been anything short of simply incredible. While it did have very humble beginnings as a gateway to connect friends and families across the globes; but now it has evolved to become a marketing juggernaut that can put most sales pitches to absolute shame.

The popularity of the plethora of social media channels is going on rising and there are no chances of them letting up anytime soon. Brands have been making good use of these platforms with the inception of new innovative strategies which they have made use of in good effect and have build a pretty good audience following for them.

What is the future of social media marketing strategy in the upcoming years of 2017-18-19-20…?

The Past Decade Saw The Rise Of Social Media Into An Internet Giant!

Social media networking has seen a meteoric spur in just a decade from its invention. And to go by the forecasts it is believed that it should grow even further in the upcoming years. After all humans are definitely social creatures and this extra nudge of connecting with others has been a key to social media development at this space.


Graph showing usage of social platforms

With the emergence of social media strategy, the distances of geographies have almost collapsed and people feel much more connected than they ever did. As per predictions, the numbers of users will expand at the rate 8 percent in 2017 and the total will be a hefty 2.39 billion people! To put this in a sort of perspective the total combined population of China and India is 2.6 billion.

And the availability of having a platform where this scale of the audience will be available at just a tap of the button does make social media a very attractive platform for brand development, awareness, and market creation.

Turning Of Employees Into Branding Beacons!

For people who work at a company which considers itself to be connected, you might be encouraged to share all the business updates on social media platforms through your personal channels. This is because brands have now started turning their employees into brand ambassadors to further push their brand image up. Or in other words, when using employee social advocacy programs they have grown to about 191 percent since the year 2013.

This has further increased the social reach through scaling as it integrates elements which is employees who already possess a connected audience. And when they pull this off correctly it can be much more effective to entice the audience and drive engagement. So, people are considering using tools like the social toaster to turn their teams into passionate groups of social advocates.

Having The Ultimate Real-Time Engagement:

Another important aspect of social media for business is the ability to run efficient client support programs. These days’ users almost take it for granted that every brand should have a social media team who would want to answer, resolve and amend the issues that the users faced and have uploaded on social media profiles.

The data from Search Engine Watch further emphasized on this fact by stating that – 72% of Twitter users expect responses from the brands they use and follow and that too within a prompt window of 1 hour or less.

Data Analytics Is Driving Good Decision-Making:

Before this, social media was a lot of hit-or-miss when it came to conducting marketing and relied a lot on gut feeling. But these days with the emergence of social media analytics, the market has grown much stronger, more user-friendly and detail oriented for even average blokes to use and understand. So, it is evident that dumbed down statistics automated will analytics tools will be here to stay.

Video Wins On Social Media:

Digital marketing Agency Sydney – It is definitely hard to ignore, but perhaps you might have seen Snapchat has more than 10 billion regular views for its video content. This even surpasses YouTube! This domination of the social media by high-quality video content has been much like an eye-opener for most companies, and this will further increase in the future. There is well-backed proof that videos definitely work for brands. So, more than 76% of B2Bs actually make good use of them.

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The Importance Of Digital Marketing And What You May Want To Look Out For In 2017

 Delivering excellence in search Digital Marketing Predictions for 2017.


Digital marketing in 2017 –  Digital marketing has once again courted many column inches of publicity in 2016. Businesses have spent many millions maximising their online presence to promote their services and products; this has then been advanced on through various social media outlets and through paid and organic search. But what do we expect 2017 to deliver? While it’s almost impossible to believe the internet will be able to gain any more prominence in our lives, this will undoubtedly be the push for 2017. This year has seen many updates to search algorithms and 2017 is sure to follow this trend. The big question remains, how will users and the search engine giants alike give preference to the huge amount of data available on the internet? The online marketing industry is large, complex, and volatile. The sooner you deliver a prominent message to an internet user, the better you can stay ahead of your competitors. One thing is certain: smaller SME businesses will increasingly find it harder to compete with the big boys and therefore they must get smart with their online presence! Over the pages that follow are 7 different areas that we believe will make a difference to your online marketing campaign throughout 2017.

Desktop Will Slip To Mobile – We all know that 2016 was a big year for mobile! We have seen how Google’s many updates targeted websites that were not optimised for mobile. The massive trend of smartphones, and the fact that mobile connectivity has drastically increased in strength has meant desktop traffic has slipped. Google has informed us that in January, for the first time, they intend to split their index between mobile and desktop. This indicates that the ongoing trend of all things mobile will only continue through 2017. Mobile-focused internet marketing should, therefore, be a top priority for digital marketers throughout the year.

Algorithm Change Will Continue –  As we have already said, 2016 has seen a massive change in search algorithms. No matter what our personal views are on the subject, this trend will undoubtedly continue through the year ahead. With an enormous amount of information being added to the internet every second, the search engine giants continuously update their algorithms to decide which content should gain priority and rank higher in results listings. Any optimisation strategy must be unique, on-theme, and informative to your audience. We must also not forget that Google is not the only giant in the workplace! There’s also Facebook and Bing to name but two.

Conversions & Social – We all know how important social media has become. Businesses rely on this platform to give their products and services reach, however, 2017 will see this reach begin to result in conversions. We have become used to e-commerce websites understanding how important conversion rates are. Social media will work as our new conversion channel and will, therefore, offer tools to convert prospects directly into buyers.

Content Is Still The King! – Content has for some time been referred to as the ‘king’ in digital marketing agency Sydney terms. But do not be fooled, unique quality content will make the difference between success and invisibility. Content marketing will only ever become more competitive, with many professional writers and video now competing for head to head. Content will therefore remain an essential part of any online marketing campaign throughout 2017 and indeed for years to come. The key will be to write unique, quality content that readers can connect with. Also, there will be a huge demand for niche-based writers who possess knowledge and expertise in their subject matter.

Video Ad’s Are Coming To SERPS! – We all know that YouTube and Facebook have forever utilised the strength of video’s in advertising. Now that Google is entering this image rich world with in-SERP video adverts be prepared for this form of advertising to change how everyone uses Google search – this may well change the whole spectrum of online advertising! As searchers get used to seeing video ads in Google then we may expect different types of video ads popping up on our screens very soon. This is a definite area to keep an eye on.

Dedicated App’s Will Grow! –  A dedicated app offers all the features of a mobile-optimised website, however this is delivered in a more accessible, convenient, and intuitive way. Google now offers ‘app indexing’ which will certainly bring advantages to having a dedicated app in the future. Although we are a long way from apps completely replacing websites, business owners are realising their true potential. 2017 will therefore be an important year in mobile app development.

Quality Advertising Will Be Costly! – The competition for online space and the success that dominating search for your products and services brings, means that optimising your online presence will only ever grow in its importance. Of course we have witnessed tremendous growth in digital marketing over the last few years however, ‘cheap’ practices and no win no fee services will fall in success and those that implement these types of campaigns will slowly but surely fall behind those that take this market serious. As the demand rises for the top page in SERPs, then it is only unique quality that will truly work, and this undoubtedly costs! While some marketers believe that PPC will fall in importance and SEO will continue to support any overall strategy, there will only ever be more alternatives to ruling the web.

Delivering Excellence In Search • Quality is the word. • Do not forget how important unique content is. • The importance of mobile must be utilised. • You need a combined strategy. • Do not forget your customers, how do they search? • Always look for the next opportunity. • Get the visitors but make sure they convert! What does this all mean?

So, How Do We Optimise? – Delivering excellence in search code SEO content PPC SOCIALCRO MOBILE • A true strategy understands all elements. • You may not use them all. • But they will all inform each other. = Maximum ROI

What Else De We Provide? – Delivering excellence in search software websites mobile App’s Its easy really, if its on the Internet then we can provide it; • Website design & Development delivery. • Mobile app design. • Software for business. If you have an idea then we can deliver it!  Don’t forget – the design is only a small part of your Internet use, its our support that really makes the difference!

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 4 Essential Factors About Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

Digital marketing has worked great wonders for small and medium scale business for decades and not a single day that you hear any bad comments from business owners about the sales techniques being executed by a digital marketing company. Simply because, they have already met the requirement they need for their business development plan. What is good about digital marketing, every day there’s a new platform being discovered. After several implementations it was proven a great help for many business owners. So, it only shows no matter what kind of digital sales coaching being brought by a digital marketing agency Sydney you don’t have to worry because your business is always in good hands.


We’re talking about newbie entrepreneurs here, but what about the business veterans? Of course, there’s a possibility that these business giants have no problem dealing with the stability of their business, since they are already here long before the digital marketing was introduced in the business industry. And they’ve used the old tradition marketing schemes like radio and television ads, billboard, and print ads and obviously it’s working for them. But surprisingly what everyone thinks is wrong. These business giants become more successful because they switch their business development to digital marketing.

Old timers felt that they need to go with the latest trend in the business marketing industry. And they witness how small and medium scale business become more profitable in less than a year of operation which they later found out all because these young entrepreneurs are hiring a digital marketing agency like Netstripes to help them reach their goal. Because they believe that even as a beginner in the trading industry, they should press the engine right away to have the head start. And one of the best solutions is to hire a digital marketing company like Netstripes. So, today, even a seasoned business operator requires getting their own digital marketing agency to keep up with the business trends.

There are 4 essential factors what Nestripes can do for your business;

Perfectly designed websites – One thing the makes a company become a household name for internet users not only for desktop, but for mobile users as well, is to create a perfectly designed website that can make the initial attraction to web users the moment they came across a website. Netstripes are more into creating top quality web designs that will increase website traffic. And they won’t mind asking their clients what kind of web company site they want, but Netstripes will make it better.

Search Engine Optimization– They will help your company website rank number 1 in all major search engine landing pages on the internet. They have all kinds of sales techniques that are effectively proven to put your name in every corner of online media.

Social Media Marketing – The one thing that will effectively promote your business is through social networking promotion because most of your target market owns an account on social network websites like Facebook and Twitter. So, if your company will often appear on these websites, you will have a great chance to be seen.

Email Marketing – If you think Email marketing is not effective in promoting your online business, well, you’re wrong. Up to this day email marketing considered one of the most reliable forms of social media marketing. Netstripes can create special email marketing content that can dramatically increase your business sales.

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3 Quick Social Media Strategy and Easy Tips to Effectively Target Ideal Customers

Once you have determined your target market you need to design a perfect social media strategy on how to effectively sell to them.


Whether the market is as broad as young children or more specific like bakers or bankers, there are a number of universal means for you to market to your ideal customer easily and effectively.

1. Keep it simple