4 Essential Factors About Digital Marketing Agency Sydney

Digital marketing has worked great wonders for small and medium scale business for decades and not a single day that you hear any bad comments from business owners about the sales techniques being executed by a digital marketing company. Simply because, they have already met the requirement they need for their business development plan. What is good about digital marketing, every day there’s a new platform being discovered. After several implementations it was proven a great help for many business owners. So, it only shows no matter what kind of digital sales coaching being brought by a digital marketing agency Sydney you don’t have to worry because your business is always in good hands.


We’re talking about newbie entrepreneurs here, but what about the business veterans? Of course, there’s a possibility that these business giants have no problem dealing with the stability of their business, since they are already here long before the digital marketing was introduced in the business industry. And they’ve used the old tradition marketing schemes like radio and television ads, billboard, and print ads and obviously it’s working for them. But surprisingly what everyone thinks is wrong. These business giants become more successful because they switch their business development to digital marketing.

Old timers felt that they need to go with the latest trend in the business marketing industry. And they witness how small and medium scale business become more profitable in less than a year of operation which they later found out all because these young entrepreneurs are hiring a digital marketing agency like Netstripes to help them reach their goal. Because they believe that even as a beginner in the trading industry, they should press the engine right away to have the head start. And one of the best solutions is to hire a digital marketing company like Netstripes. So, today, even a seasoned business operator requires getting their own digital marketing agency to keep up with the business trends.

There are 4 essential factors what Nestripes can do for your business;

Perfectly designed websites – One thing the makes a company become a household name for internet users not only for desktop, but for mobile users as well, is to create a perfectly designed website that can make the initial attraction to web users the moment they came across a website. Netstripes are more into creating top quality web designs that will increase website traffic. And they won’t mind asking their clients what kind of web company site they want, but Netstripes will make it better.

Search Engine Optimization– They will help your company website rank number 1 in all major search engine landing pages on the internet. They have all kinds of sales techniques that are effectively proven to put your name in every corner of online media.

Social Media Marketing – The one thing that will effectively promote your business is through social networking promotion because most of your target market owns an account on social network websites like Facebook and Twitter. So, if your company will often appear on these websites, you will have a great chance to be seen.

Email Marketing – If you think Email marketing is not effective in promoting your online business, well, you’re wrong. Up to this day email marketing considered one of the most reliable forms of social media marketing. Netstripes can create special email marketing content that can dramatically increase your business sales.

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3 Quick Social Media Strategy and Easy Tips to Effectively Target Ideal Customers

Once you have determined your target market you need to design a perfect social media strategy on how to effectively sell to them.


Whether the market is as broad as young children or more specific like bakers or bankers, there are a number of universal means for you to market to your ideal customer easily and effectively.

1. Keep it simple

Why Your Business Needs Visual Behavior Tracking

Is the traffic on your website buzzing one minute then fizzling the next? Have you ever wanted to know what people really do on your website? Thanks to Visitor Behaviour Tracking, getting the answers to these questions is easier than ever before. All this without invading customer privacy so it’s all perfectly legal, safe and affordable web solution Company Sydney.


  1. Visitor Behaviour Tracking tells you where people are clicking

VBT provides a click map which is essentially a visual representation showing you where people are clicking on your site. It tells you what URLS are being used and which are not. In addition it conveys website behaviours and lists the demographics of your visitors (gender, country, time visiting and so on).

  1. Shows you how far people are scrolling

The concept of scrolling is far more important than it sounds. Think of Google, how often do you click the links on the bottom of page 1? If your website contains its most important info at the bottom of the page then odds are high that most visitors are missing it. VBT includes a scroll map which essentially tells you how far visitors are scrolling.

  1. Gives you the means to tailor your site to your ideal customer and constantly improve

Having access to VBT is like being given a free chance to rig the deck.  Once you know what drives customer traffic you can tailor your website to meet these new needs, check back in a week and compare the new results and hopefully see improvement. Repeat the process as many times as you like and in time you should see a significant boom in traffic. Even if you purchase for the short term, VBT’s value is worth the investment thanks to its affordable prices.

  1. It’s all visual

Nobody wants to lose sleep and time reading pages and pages of reports. What makes VBT so effective is that all the information comes to you in a glance. Not only that but the reports are compiled in a way that makes them easy to understand and pleasant to look at.

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SEO Sydney | Search Engine Optimization – Netstripes SEO Australia

SEO Sydney is becoming critical to businesses looking to gain relevance in their respective fields, and expand their customer base. One of the main factors other than the concentration of relevant keywords and information. Some innovative ways to differentiate the content on your site from other similar sites is to create:


1. Infographics that analyse data from a fresh perspective.
2. Giving information based on personal experience within an industry.
3. Collating and using internal data to back up this type of original content.

SEO Sydney : Keywords
When trying to work out which words your prospective customers are going to use you should figure out which keywords will off you the best return with the least competition. The main issue at stake here is that sometimes the most obvious keyword have already many other sites using them. This means even through and relevant use of these keywords won’t cut through because they are already taken by more established websites.

This is where you have to get technical about what keywords you use in your online marketing SEO Strategy. There are sites like Rank Tracker that can give you in-depth analysis of keyword use and grading.

It also is a general rule that to throw out the broadest net with the keywords and combinations you use guarantees searches using different keywords on the same subject will all divert to your site. Variety in the use of keywords is one way overcome the dominance of established sites and carve out your own place in the market.

Today’s Flow Of Online Marketing Strategy Sydney

When tailoring your online marketing Sydney content an SEO strategy there are a number of factors worth considering. SEO favors the quality of inbound links and the quality, relevance, and originality of the content of your site. What follows is a list of important factors to consider for your content strategy so as to keep your focus on what really matters to when it comes to SEO.


When it comes to online marketing Sydney, or anywhere for that matter, the new situation normal is that a website’s content need to be based on a strategy that figures quality and user convenience as its top priorities.

What Makes Quality Content?
Google’s search engine ranking pages, (SERP’s), are based on a number of factors. So the jostle for pole position in the rankings race depends on understanding and adapting to, how Google’s latest measure of what makes a website high-quality are:

1. Quantity and quality of inbound link to page
2. Quantity and quality of social signals linking to site or page
3. Grammar and spelling of text
4. Text formatting, (bold, italics, bullet, points)
5. Use of subheads
6. Length of Content
7. Number of outbound links from the site or page
8. Quality and relevance of keywords

When creating content for your site the last six points, (3-8), are all features you can implement when writing and organizing your website but the first two are truly earned. They come from the way people respond to and use your website once it is live. This means to qualify well through links and social user interest you for your site based on the last six points first.

Though it is important not to forget authenticity. Google has progressively refound its SERP algorithm to reward the time and effort content procedures put in.

The Search Engine Optimisation Sydney – netstripes.com

The Search Engine optimisation Sydney is just one of the services a Search Engine Marketing agency Australia can perform for your business to make sure the investment of your time and money pay off. Search Engine optimisation Sydney is quickly becoming a boom industry with everybody with a bit of initiative and foresight hopping on board to increase their online market share.


But for those of us yet to attempt to tackle the various tools and the productive demands on working within a search engine optimisation Sydney the SEO Sydney world can seem a bit daunting.

However, there’s a search engine optimisation Sydney-based, that can simplify the whole procedure of search engine optimisation. Sydney has a myriad of option for services to give you a leg-up in getting online, but very few look to strategize every aspect of your social engagement and take the hard work out of search engine optimisation Sydney on a concentrated and ongoing basis.

This is where the ‘Marketing’ in search engine optimisation Sydney earns its stripes: by putting your business at the forefront of the digital space by a research, structured and constantly refreshed approach to SEO Sydney, that factor in not just the latest algorithms of Google but the latest trends in consumer taste. An effective search engine optimisation strategy Sydney to usher business straight into a prime seat before the rest of the world.