Social Media For Business – How can a Retargeting Campaign Benefit Your Business?

Let’s say you have a site that people visit, whether it may be a Facebook – social media marketing Page or your own personal site and you have a specific product or service you want to sell.

Social Media For Business - How can a Re-targeting Campaign Benefit Your Business?

And people buy them. But not a lot, and clearly not enough to make your business profitable.

Then you check the analytics. There’s so many people looking at the site but only a handful of buyers?

It’s actually fairly simple. Imagine if you were running a store in the city.

So many people walk past your store but they don’t even take a second glance. That represents the total amount of people who scroll past your web page on a Google search engine optimisation Sydney.

Then you have the people who stop for a few seconds (maybe come in) and look at what you have to offer. These are window shoppers, and they represent the people who click on your website but don’t buy anything.

Finally, you have the people who come in and buy something. This (by no coincidence at all), represents the people who click on your website and end up buying your product/service.

Unfortunately in real life, once someone leaves after they’ve had a look at your store, they usually never come back.

But it’s different online. Thanks to some magic and common sense, business owners are able to do online what they couldn’t do in real life; retarget potential customers to bring them back.

And such a campaign is known as retargeting advertising. (Amaze)

You are able to keep track of the people who visit your site and retarget them with specific and strategic ads while they go about their daily social media for business on Facebook, YouTube or when they’re checking today’s news on or

Yes, your brand will be literally everywhere.

As a result, you will have much better chance to bring back those window shoppers to your website to finally make a decision to move forward with your business. According to research, by doing this retarget advertising, you can increase the chance of conversion by 147%. Say hello to your new revenue generation!

Check out on how you can start retargeting advertising for your business easily and very affordable in less than a week.


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