Why is it important to write a blog for your business website?

NetStripes is an online marketing company based in Sydney specialising in ecommerce web design, affordable web solutions and SEO in Australia.

If anyone is qualified to answer this question, it’s us.

At its heart, writing a blog is a way to show your customers that there is a person behind the business, that there is a voice behind its operations, and that they are dealing with a human, not a website.

As such, how the identity of the person behind the blog is shared and how he/she builds her voice is extremely important.

For me writing is about sharing stories with others. How well you are able to convey that story is reflective on how readers perceive it.

Having a blog for your business is a way to share your story, its vision and its journey. It’s something people will enjoy reading; not because its informative or contains industry secrets, but just because its relatable, funny and engaging.

Writing a blog is more than helping you make a brand and a reputation. It gives you an opportunity as a business owner to understand your clients, and engage with them on a personal level.

Producing content consistently is a way to keep your audience interested in what you do, and writing blogs is a great way to do just that.

But you have to be motivated, and your posts have to be interesting. They can’t be solely focused on selling your product, and your main directive must be to entertain and engage.

Make your posts funny, that’s what I like. I like memes, jokes and high-quality sarcasm, and I try to incorporate all of those into my writing so that people can laugh along while learning something new every day.

Writing a blog will open opportunities for you to develop your online strategy, as you will be able to integrate blog posts with social media engagement for your business. By writing blogs, you are continuously adding content to your business, which boosts your search engine marketing strategy.

Then, the phrase of today is: Don’t neglect your writing skills. Take some time every week to write some stuff. (On pen and paper, not computer)

If you ever have trouble writing a blog or constructing a website, feel free to contact NetStripes, who provide end-to-end digital solutions to help your small business innovate and grow.


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