Why Your Business Needs Visual Behavior Tracking

Is the traffic on your website buzzing one minute then fizzling the next? Have you ever wanted to know what people really do on your website? Thanks to Visitor Behaviour Tracking, getting the answers to these questions is easier than ever before. All this without invading customer privacy so it’s all perfectly legal, safe and affordable web solution Company Sydney.


  1. Visitor Behaviour Tracking tells you where people are clicking

VBT provides a click map which is essentially a visual representation showing you where people are clicking on your site. It tells you what URLS are being used and which are not. In addition it conveys website behaviours and lists the demographics of your visitors (gender, country, time visiting and so on).

  1. Shows you how far people are scrolling

The concept of scrolling is far more important than it sounds. Think of Google, how often do you click the links on the bottom of page 1? If your website contains its most important info at the bottom of the page then odds are high that most visitors are missing it. VBT includes a scroll map which essentially tells you how far visitors are scrolling.

  1. Gives you the means to tailor your site to your ideal customer and constantly improve

Having access to VBT is like being given a free chance to rig the deck.  Once you know what drives customer traffic you can tailor your website to meet these new needs, check back in a week and compare the new results and hopefully see improvement. Repeat the process as many times as you like and in time you should see a significant boom in traffic. Even if you purchase for the short term, VBT’s value is worth the investment thanks to its affordable prices.

  1. It’s all visual

Nobody wants to lose sleep and time reading pages and pages of reports. What makes VBT so effective is that all the information comes to you in a glance. Not only that but the reports are compiled in a way that makes them easy to understand and pleasant to look at.

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SB – http://www.netstripes.com/business-needs-visual-behavior-tracking/



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