How to Come up with a Beautiful eCommerce Design for Your Website

With an underdeveloped eCommerce web design you should not be surprised if your site performs poorly. It’s all visual these days and people respond to pretty pictures and images better than armies of text.


It’s all one big popularity contest and you can bet that almost all the websites that get the action are absolutely gorgeous. With a properly optimised strategic approach to ecommerce web design you will garner a high degree of credibility as your products and services will be displayed and featured effectively.

You don’t have to possess a keen creative mind to achieve a beautiful design. Fortunately there are a number of helpful quick and easy tips out there to help you get the ball rolling.

1. Keep it simple


You have probably seen this suggested elsewhere and with good reason. Keeping it simple is a factor of web design that needs to be frequently reinforced. You could easily get away with a main page that includes key navigation links in its upper reaches, a compelling call to action and a nice picture or background image. It’s not rocket science; you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

2. Give special attention to the top of the page(s)

The upper reaches of websites are commonly home to the navigable links and search bars. So it is vital you display your chief links prominently. Web navigation should not feel like going through a maze. If you have a lot of links consider removing the less prominent ones and placing them elsewhere. Remember it is your chief services and products that will drive the majority of your traffic.

3. No overwhelming

Splattering your home page with a mess of content, links, promotions and so on can leave visitors struggling with information overload. A good website will display key services at a glance while leaving the lesser in sub-category sections.

4. Pretty pictures and lots of them

Treat your web design strategy the same as if you were writing a children’s picture book. It’s got to be pretty, colourful and tell a story. Use SMALL easy words and use them sparingly. People don’t tend to go to ecommerce websites to read long essays. Still you should take the opportunity to tell visitors the story behind your company, who you are and why you do what you do. Sometimes it can benefit you greatly to remind your audience that you are human too.

5. Do UserTesting

Creating a beautiful ecommerce web design is one thing but wouldn’t it be neat if you could know how your site would perform in the field before launching. Thanks to a nifty analytics tool known as UserTesting you can hire users from your target markets to experiment with your website.

Afterward these individuals will provide constructive feedback which you can then utilise to improve your website. This process can be repeated again and again to maximise results.


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