Quick and Easy Social Media Hacks to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Have your best social media strategies gotten your business nowhere? Do you wish you had a way to cheat the system? It might surprise you to know that bending the rules to suit your needs is easier than you think.


1. Longer Tweets
If the 140 character limit of Twitter is a constant source of frustration for you then now is the time to celebrate for there is an easy means to break the cycle and you don’t have to subscribe to a service. This particular hack was discovered by Amy Schmittauer, the co-founder of Aftermarq.

All you have to do is a regular tweet and finish it with a compelling cliff hanger or call to action, then reply in the same stream, rinse and repeat until you have said all you have to say. If executed properly your followers will be compelled by your cliff-hanger(s) to read on and continue the story in your stream.

2. Gain Lots of followers really quickly
A key component for boosting your social media strategy is to form alliances with key influencers to tag one another in your posts. This is mutually beneficial as traffic will be driven between you.

3. Contests
Ask fans to post pictures of something pertaining to your enterprise. If you’re a baker you could ask followers to post pictures of cakes they made for a chance to win a prize. The allure of a reward will lure followers to your page and the contest will have them buzzing.

4. Use IFTTT
Aka ‘If This, Then That’ is a social media automation tool that can really come in handy, especially if you run multiple pages. The service can make time consuming tasks a cinch. IFTTT can keep your Facebook and Twitter profile pics in sync or have your Instagram images automatically uploaded to your Pinterest account every time you post. The possibilities are almost endless and exist for a multitude of different platforms.

5. Use the attention of internet trolls to your advantage
Being subject to harsh and abusive behaviour is rarely easy whether in the real world or online but a small component of your social media strategy needs to cover internet trolls. Most users online simply block them as soon as they appear but doing so gives them what they want. Guy Kawasaki, the chief evangelist of Canva devised a neat little trick to deal with this issue and make it a benefit. Instead of blocking trolls simply mute them instead. Doing so will leave you free to engage/not engage them as their comments will be invisible to your followers. Not only will your ideal customers be free from seeing negative publicity but the troll will inadvertently increase your reach with his/her abuse because each comment will ultimately increase engagement and visibility on the news feeds of their own followers.


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