A Quick and Easy DIY Guide to SEO That Gets Results

Any start-up can have a website but if it lacks online visibility is may as well not exist. Fortunately Search Engine Optimisation exists to help you shake off the cobwebs and get your site gathering the traffic you deserve. If you lack the knowledge contracting a SEO Sydney service will be worth it but for you DIY individuals out there, check out the following steps to improving your ranking.


1. Regularly post content and update
Content is king when it comes to SEO and if you want to attain and/or maintain a high SEO rank then you need to post content and do so regularly. Don’t think you can publish one amazing post and then leave it for months and months before adding a new one. After the initial boost of traffic you are likely to receive with each post peaks, your traffic will gradually start to wither. To minimise this threat post high quality, relevant content regularly.

2. Include a contact us / about us page 
According to jeffbullas.com including a means of contact into your web page will make your site appear more trustworthy which will help you win SEO favour.

3. Use links
One of the good things about having a website is having hyperlinks. You can link keywords and phrases in your content to help visitors connect and better navigate your website. Alternatively, you can forge connections with key partners so that you might drive traffic between both your businesses.

4. Keyword optimisation
In the past, spamming keywords into your content may have gotten you a high SEO rank but those days are now gone. Keywords are still relevant but they should not be overused, instead, they should flow naturally into the bodies of your text and appear in the right places. Good areas to include keywords include

  • Website URL
  • On the title page
  • In meta tags

5. Mobile friendly
In April 2015, Google released a mobile-friendly algorithm designed to reward mobile optimised sites. More than 50% of purchases online these days are made from mobile devices. With a good strategy you can effectively boost your search engine optimisation while at the same time expand your market visibility by half.

For any small business owner, a DIY approach can end up quickly filling your plate with more than you can handle. Contracting a SEO Sydney service will require an investment but in doing so you will have the aid of experts who will work with you to develop a fully optimised strategy to raise your visibility in search engines.



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