Top 6 Reasons Why Small Businesses Still Need an Email Newsletter

There’s a lot of debate these days over whether crafting newsletters is worth it anymore. In the early 2000s, newsletters were the best means of engaging with customers and at first glance it can easily be assumed that good social media strategies have made them redundant. However this is not the case, there are plenty of good reasons why all small businesses should consider crafting a newsletter.


1. A newsletter engages on a more personal level

Email is a more effective sales and communication channel than social media (Dreamgrow).

With a fully optimised strategy you can approach email newsletter design with no stress or hassle at all. When a customer subscribes to your business they are effectively giving you a semi-permanent residence inside their inbox. As a result this provides a great platform to keep your customers engaged by unveiling unique innovations and news to keep them active in your community.

2. They remind your customers about you

Numerous methods exist online to keep your customers from forgetting you and crafting newsletters is perhaps one of the best. Even if your client does not open your email newsletter right away, they are bound to notice the big bold print of your unread email every time they check their inbox. Theoretically they don’t even need to read it, just seeing your brand should be enough to keep you in mind. The email alone implies a degree of excellence, if you have a newsletter then there is some excitement going on.

3. Promotes sales

A newsletter is all about your business; as a result you should take the opportunity to talk about all the exciting things that are happening. Talk about deals, offer discount coupons, leave hints for exciting new products/services and anything else that is relevant. With a fully optimised email newsletter design you can drive conversion and better ensure your customers stay loyal.

4. They’re easy to make

It may seem a chore but crafting a good newsletter even with the minimum effort can generate excellent returns. You don’t need to make a huge in-depth newspaper, if you’re a small business you probably don’t have the time either. Just limit it all to the hottest topics and deals and try to say it as concisely as possible. Keep it simple stupid.

5. Shows credibility

Having a newsletter implies a high degree of trustworthiness which is the strongest factor customers face online when deciding to buy. A business can offer the best prices in the world but if its site looks sketchy, people will be more likely to stay away for safety’s sake. A newsletter is the symbol of the bond between business and customer so if you can offer a high-quality design and engagement for subscribers you will be effectively conveying the legitimacy of your brand.

6. Cost effective

According to LinkedIn signing on a new customer can be 4 to 10 times more expensive than keeping a current one. If a customer subscribes to your newsletter they are effectively throwing themselves at the mercy of your advertising. Just imagine how much you could save. With a fully optimised email newsletter design you have the potential to generate a ROI of $38 for every dollar you spend.


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