Business Marketing Tactic with Search Engine Optimisation, Sydney

Search Engine Optimisation, Sydney

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a marketing tactic designed to put your business in the front running for being selected by people using search engines to find the products or services you sell. Successful SEO practices lift your search engine ranking so your business appears on the first page of Google.


Google page click rates

This is important because people usually click through from links on the first page, rather than the second or third. The statistics on this habit are telling. The online ad network Chitika has found the percentage of clicks depending on the page your business appears on, drops off very quickly. The percentages of clicks per page are:

  • 1st page: 32.5%
  • 2nd page: 17.6%
  • 3rd page: 11.4%
  • 4th page: 8.1%

Whether you do search engine optimisation in Sydney or Perth, the percentage of clicks keep on decreasing the further they you from page 1.

Working around habits

As people are pressed for time, impatient and easily distracted the average span of time they consider a link on Google, is only 8 seconds. This means you have to fine-tune what is written in your URL, headline, and snippet that appear on Search Engine Ranking Pages, (SERP’s).

Clearly relevant

Once you are on the first page you want people to see your business as the most relevant to their needs. So you have to state your purpose very clearly and use the words your audience uses. At a quick scan, there can be no doubt as to what you offer. Otherwise, they will just scroll on.

search engine optimization sydney

Don’t Sell – explain

While big claim sales pitches can work for some, consumers are more interested in knowing how you can help them. So in the text of the snippet, it is best to just state Benefits of SEO for Small Business  and explain how you can benefit the viewer.

People have the ability to make informed choices and will just continue looking when you go off topic or start telling them how to think. So respect your readers and try and speak ‘to’ them, rather than ‘at’ them. Or, even better still, try and speak ‘with’ them.

Specifics and targeting

The anticipation of your audience’s situation and how they think is a key principle to successful search engine optimisation. Sydney issues would be factored in if looking to attract Sydney-siders for example. This means, that anything specific to your customers or your products should be highlighted. Specifics make targeting customers more precise and avoids more overcrowded markets. It also increases the level of customer identification.

Keywords link you to searches

As for the content you write on your business website, it is very important to SEO. Anybody in the business knows about the huge role of keywords. These are the words that searchers use to seek your business out on search engines.

When thinking about writing content, keywords are a direct link between you and the customer that you have to consider. There are a number of helpful websites that offer a break down of what the success rates of specific keywords are.

Consulting these websites and integrating theses words into your text is a great way to single-handedly boost your optimisation results. The first question you have to ask yourself is – ‘what do people type into their search bar when they want your services?’. The second is – ‘how many variations are there and how are they weighted?’


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