Web Design Company Sydney

If you have a new business at that crucial stage of still developing an online brand and website, you may be asking yourself whether hiring a professional web design company, Sydney side, is necessary? While there is no reason to doubt your own resourcefulness you have to consider before you build your own website that it is going to be the 24hour face of your business. Can skills learnt on the run really do your business justice? If so, you’re more than just a quick learner – you’re a miracle worker. Because even the leading professionals struggle to keep up with the pace of change in the dynamic market of web-design and development.


To get an idea how complex and involved the process of building a successful website is these days, the list below covers a little of what needs to be factored-in, when trying to get design and usability features just right:

Getting in touch with the Users:

One of the first things web-designers need to do is their homework. The user’s requirements and expectations need to be sourced, studied and tested. The more exchange there is between the design and development team and the actual end-users the more intuitive the website can be. The outcome of knowing how your audience use your site and what they want from it, is that you have a lower bounce rate and higher engagement and conversion rates. This is to say that research needs to be carried out, even before you work out what you want. This is because strangely enough, building a website is not just about what you want for your business, but about what your customers want from it too.

Some of the avenues that can be used to gather this valuable information are:

  • Customer support lines
  • Customer surveys and interviews
  • Bulletin boards
  • Sales people
  • User groups
  • Trade shows
  • Focus groups

Getting in touch via your Goals:

Again at the preliminary stage, the role of goal-setting, as to what you want from your website needs to be broken down and clearly understood. There are the primary or over-arching goals like: do you want to educate, inform, entertain or sell. These goals can help you establish; ‘who your audience is’, ‘what content they respond to’, and ‘what functions suit the context of their use and computer literacy levels’? Whatever your goals are, they have to be realistically measured against market and audience trends. So as much as they are your goals for your business, a good deal of research can help you shape them into achievable ends. Your goals have to be well-informed and user-centric.

User Performance Goals:

Then there is the more function specific goals aiming to achieve higher performance levels in usability, traffic and conversion rates. Goals for higher performance can be applied to multiple user interface features to maximise the efficiency of your website. The efficiencies meant here, are things like: on screen visibility, loading times, the number of steps taken to complete a task, logical navigation structure and the simplicity of directives. They are generally measured by the number of users over time and the speed it takes for an objective to be met. Goals determining on site performance can help streamline the function of your interface and help weed out ineffective design strategies.

The Content strategy:

Any web design company in Sydney or beyond, can let you in on a little secret, which when they do, doesn’t seem like it’s that revolutionary; but which if properly understood can actually change the entire course of your Social Media for business.

It is about having engaging, relevant and user-friendly content. Even though your content may be loaded last it is the substance of your site and what people take home from it. It is the voice and reason of your site above everything else, so has to be aligned to your goals as a clear and inviting expression of a business owner who wants to benefit their customers.

There is an underlying theme of generosity when it comes to content; just as there is with the amounts of energy invested in getting to know what makes your customers happy. This is a constant in digital engagement because consumers are savvy enough to know when they are being sold short. The extra mile wins every time!

The average web design company has a lot to work out before they can start to match their skill sets to what you need as an owner of a business that is unique. Research of your target audience is the foundation of making the type of website that delivers you returns. This is because, not only are users spoilt for choice, but they are wiser and more thoughtful with their spending than ever before. This translates into businesses needing to understand exactly who they are speaking to before they even begin to think about selling. There are multiple conversations sprouting up everywhere and around every industry. The trick is to insert your business into the conversation, as an industry leader that is in touch with the consumer and knows their needs. This is what businesses have to equip themselves for: a consumer led conversation that might just end in business.



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