Social Media and E-commerce Web-design to boost your Business Engagement

Social Media Strategy and E-commerce Web-design:

If you want to reach out to new customers, social media has a number of platforms you can launch campaigns on to get noticed. Once you have attracted customers by the interesting blogs you have posted or the competition you are hosting, the next step is to have potential customers stay on your site. This is an ongoing job of upgrading the information you offer, but one way to capitalise on the interest people show in your business is to have an easy to find e-commerce web design.

Social Media Strategy

Businesses can be on Social Media without knowing how to engage their customers. There are many key questions that have to be asked before simply being on Social Media becomes being a presence on Social Media. The difference between the two             comes down to Strategy: Social Media Strategy.Social-Media-netstripes

At the core of your Social Media Strategy is the drawing up of specific, realistic and measurable goals. Your goals need to be measurable so you can track your progress based on these goals. Your goals for social media also need to relate to your overall goals for your business and tie in with your sales, marketing and productivity goals.

The first questions to ask to start your strategy off on solid ground are:

  • Which sites are most beneficial and when do you post on them to gain the most interest?
  • How large do you want your social media presence to be?
  • What metrics do you use to measure your progress towards your goals?
  • How and why do you engage customers online?

If your business is already on social media, you need to assess how your current status is working for you. As in, who is currently connecting to you, which competitor sites your target audience use and how your site compares to these sites. If it is the case that the competition is attracting more viewers, try and work out exactly why this is. What do they do differently?

Also, if you are already on social media, there might be reason for a spring clean before you start implementing your strategy. A great place to start is to check all officially sanctioned and unauthorized pages representing your company. Check the pages for followers and activity levels on each page and whether all your links work. Any unauthorized or unflattering content associated with your business is best removed.

E-commerce Web-design

Once you have a successful social media strategy in place there are other ways to improve your overall web presence. Businesses with a social media presence aim to attract potential customers to their website. The information and offers on their websites are all designed to build a relationship with the customer. One of the main touch points of the health of customer-business relations is the ‘buy’. This is your bottom line. So does your site have the e-commerce web-design necessary to convert viewers into paying customers when they visit your site?

Here are two handy hints on how to structure your home page to clear the path to customer e-commerce engagement. Apart from having ‘Call to Buy’ buttons placed in the line of sight of users and reminding viewers they can use it the next to suggestions are vital to effective e-commerce web design.


A successful e-commerce web design has to be simple and uncluttered. Studies have shown homepages with competing messages lack the clear direct signals needed to direct customers to their e-commerce functions. The lesson from this is to provide a strong unified brand message that guides the shopper to what they want without distraction.

Captivating product images with links to your collection pages is a good method to expose your customers to the full array of your products. It is also a good way of increasing the time each user spends on your site and increases their familiarity with your brand. Images of your products and unique product descriptions are keystones to successful e-commerce web design.


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