E-Commerce Web Design

E-commerce saves customers time and money, but there is more to a secure and functional e-commerce web design than meets the eye.

Ecommerce web design is a particular style of web-design that foregrounds the capacity for online credit card processing. It might sound simple but there are aspects your average customer wouldn’t know about or even consider until they decide to launch a business of their own.


E-commerce web-design relies on the first point of contact with a customer wanting to make a purchase being through website product descriptions and images that entice the buyer. From here the consumer is directed to the use of a shopping cart.

Shopping carts are basically a storage facility as well as the intermediary stage to finalising a purchase. A customers access to the shopping cart section of a website is usually signified by a shopping trolley-like symbol on the top right of a page. Businesses selling the products require administrative access to this shopping cart section so they can change, add and remove products depending on their availability.

Once you choose to place a product in a shopping cart the following stage requires customers to give both personal and financial information in order for a credit card transaction to be processed. This next step requires that businesses set up a merchant account and register it with an Internet Gateway.

The Gateway is basically a secure information processing company that works to ensure customer privacy isn’t breached. Gateway companies operate between businesses providing e-commerce and the credit card companies that hold customers money. This intermediary role allows businesses to receive payment without the confidential details of customers becoming known to the companies and/or vulnerable to hacking and identity theft.

Online Marketing, Sydney:

Marketing online has morphed as quickly as the advance of the technology that enables it. A theme has come to predominate in marketing online where genuine connection and customer lifetime supersede the quick-sell.

People might associate online marketing with e-commerce but it is actually a lot more ingrained in the whole process of web-design these days than it was previously. The emphasis of marketing, especially online marketing, has become more about customer experience, responses and needs than about getting people to do things.

The role of encouraging spending is obviously the bottom line of marketing but the influence of the digital interface, customer knowledge and the pure numbers the internet has increased competition to, have come to change the tone of marketing from the pursuit of quick-results to become more connection-oriented.

Netstripes is an Online Marketing Sydney -based start-up that’s evolved at just the right moment for this slow shift in the overall direction of marketing to constitute the very seed of its business model and driving vision. At Netstripes online marketing is an extension of an overarching worldview based on the principles of acting towards mutual benefit, with a heightened awareness and appreciation of the value and uniqueness of individuals, whether they be businesses of their customers, or the people who make up their working team.  


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