The Importance of SEO

The role of search engine optimization, (SEO), and social media in making your e-commerce web design tick all the boxes of being truly commercially viable.


The importance of SEO:

The e-commerce web design market has until recently been dominated by companies that charge more than your average small business can afford. The objective in going online for any business is to gain an ongoing means of brand recognition and to open your business to new markets.

Online marketing in Sydney, as it is elsewhere, is a business option that businesses can choose to take that will always be operative once installed. Online marketing is not like paying for an ad in the paper, magazine or broadcasting network. It is built into the very design flow, links and presentation of your website. That means that to advertise yourself properly online, your marketing strategy doesn’t have to depend on temporary overpriced contracts. With a solid initial plan, your ecommerce web design can go on making statements about your business brand and reach markets that would usually cost a fortune well into the future. The real issue is getting it right from the outset.

How do you build a digital presence that fulfils the promise of this type of online marketing? Sydney-based Net Stripes is a new Aussie tech startup aiming to crack the code to just this conundrum. Their e-commerce web design solutions go something like this. Firstly, they immerse themselves in the particulars of your business to get an understanding of, ‘what you do’, ‘who your customers are’ and ‘how they think’ and ‘how and where to find them’. Secondly, they refine what it is you need to say about your business. This information is all then melded into an easy to follow ecommerce web design with directives to quotes or purchases.

While e-commerce web design is critical to engaging consumers and converting them into clients, the next step of the process is more behind the scenes. It is the online marketing strategy known as search engine optimisation, (SEO). SEO consists of initially configuring and then reconfiguring the type of content contained in your website. This is done to increase the matches between what people type into their searches and what is written on your own web pages. At all phases, our objective is to pre-empt audience habits and preferences.

The trust and return of Social Media:

Netstripes online marketing, Sydney, then concentrates on multiplying your social media presence through embedded links. These connect customers to Facebook or Twitter streams for example. The depth and variety of the social media pool is only getting bigger and its pull stronger. Presently more time is spent on social media platforms than on traditional broadcasting channels. Then there’s the trust factor of social media. The trust factor of recommendations from unpaid third parties only bolsters the believability of what is said. So your additional social media presence is where online marketing becomes word of mouth. Social media is where online marketing seems more like insider favours and where recommendations go unquestioned for the nature of their intent.



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