SEO & Mobile Compatibility


Net Stripes’ researches all the variables that affect business search-engine rankings and renews any content, coding or design features necessary to keep rankings high. All websites are compatible with mobile devices.

Search engine optimisation in Sydney is a moving target, just like it is anywhere. Nobody understands this like the digital marketing agency, Netstripes. In order to adapt to the changing criteria of search engines, Net Stripes constantly refreshes your content to keep your business at the front of the queue.

Search engine optimisation is a complex process that relies on a number of changing variables. The Net Stripes digital marketing agency Sydney increases your brand visibility by researching things like the keywords used and which search engine provider your market demographic uses. This is all processed in an effort to position your brand, if not at the top of the first page of any search, then at the very least, prominently on the first page of any search. And, when you consider the millions upon millions of related searches possible, this is no mean feat.

The most important task of making visitors take that first click onto your website is the role of search engine optimisation. Sydney-based Net Stripes has a team of onshore and offshore specialists in search engine optimisation who are able to constantly revise and alter the status of the indicators that search engines read in order to rank your website. Net Stripes invest time and money in understanding and perfecting a failsafe, SEO formulae that can accommodate all contingencies. No matter how obscure your business Net Stripes will research to unearth the critical choice few words that make the difference between search engine instant recognition and a low ranking. They are a digital marketing agency that considers no job too small or unimportant and no business undeserving of their best efforts towards its improvement. Your business is important and important to them.

SEO & Mobile compatibility:

In May of 2015 mobile searches started to outrank desktop searches and as a result, this has altered Google’s approach to indexing websites. The keywords most commonly used on mobile devices are more likely to be an acronym or the shortest word combination for any one particular search. This reality directly impacts the nature of the search engine optimisation process. Also, this trend only continues to expand as iPhones and mobile devices become cheaper and more readily available in developing economies. While people warm to and take up this convenient, 24/7 form of internet engagement to better manage their hectic lifestyles. As a result, of this growing and irreversible trend, Net Stripes has widened the scope of who can reach your business by ensuring their websites are fully mobile compatible. Net Stripes offers a range of simple and stylish design options and works with their clients every step of the way to make sure their satisfaction is assured before execution and going live.


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