Social Media Engagement for Small Business

Why Digital Marketing is Booming Today

Social media engagement for small business can function as a marketers survey tool, for direct advertising, data-mining for analysis or for building relationships with consumers. Net Stripes can make your social media strategy easy to do and understand, and has the experience to guide small businesses in a more vibrant online engagement.

How do you make social media for business work? What are the benefits of an effective social media strategy? To some, social media for business might seem like an unnecessary expense and a waste of man-hours, say better spent on balancing the books, stock-takes, or finding cheaper wholesale vendors. But social media for business in one way or another can feedback into the efficiency and the way you do business beyond its capacity as a direct online marketing platform. The benefits of engaging social media strategy are not just from making customer connections, but from the leads and information sources acquired from the two-way conversation of social media.

Social media can be used to advertise products directly, to discuss subjects related to the use of your product, or as a survey tool to gauge consumer preferences and attitudes. The types of questions you can ask can range from product appraisals to opinions on vendors or demographics, to how to run your business.

Social media strategy is all about timing, relevance to consumers and starting a conversation in a topical and interesting way. In order to capture people’s attention, social media for business needs to sell the stories they tell or the points of interest they share with consumers like it is what they actually sell. This obviously requires an understanding of the medium, content-production, and marketing. But, if small businesses can tailor their social media strategy, to inform, entertain and stimulate their audience, then the early formation of a relationship has already begun. And most importantly, without any sense of imposition. To achieve this, all they need is the type of on-call advice a web design company like Net Stripes can provide.

While infomercials and topical stories are a non-intrusive way to engage consumer interest and gain brand recognition, a focused social media strategy lends a direct view into consumer behavior. This is all useful. In response to these behavioral indicators business and redirect, concentrate or diversify their marketing approach. And, the more market knowledge your web design provider has, the deeper and more successfully applied the results from their analysis is going to be.

Net Stripes is able to help small businesses devise these topical stories or can simply make suggestions on topics relevant to each business. Owners have the choice they can be the author of the content of their own social media strategy or not.

Social media for business has never afforded so many options in terms of how you can go about it. So some business might consider themselves spoilt for choice. But it is Net Stripes job to make sense of all these options and formulate a strategy for small businesses without over-involved to-do lists being a burden on their time.


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